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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
This is the immigration story of Carina Feng (Chinese Immigrant) Chinese S2017.41.1 English

The Welcome Home to Canada program provides paid work experience to new immigrants who are facing barriers to employment. Participants are employed at the Museum for six months.

The War Service Story of Charles Thomas Tulloch (Scottish Immigrant) Scottish S2016.240.1 English

Charles served in eight ships during World War 11 - Clarissa Radcliffe, Loriga, Manchester Merchant, Lochmonar, Novelist, Empire Austen, MacGregor Laird, and the City of Canterbury.

He received the following service medals : 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star and Clasp, Burma Star, Itlay Star, War Medal 1939-45.

He attended the Glasgow Wireless College(1940) and Marconi International Marine.

The Travelling Story of John Tribe July 1940 Australian S2012.383.1 English

John Tribe is the brother of Ann Miller, who also recalls this occurrence.

The Travelling Story of Heinrich W. Fietz German S2012.2150.1 English
The Travelling Story of Cynthia Hunt Gustafson (immigrant) September 1939 S2012.1948.1 English
The Story of T. Dilorio February 1962 Canadian, Italian S2012.1148.1 English
The Story of Roddy Mackay's Reunion with his Brothers and Sisters (Scottish Evacuee Child) November 1941 Scottish S2012.806.1 English
The story of Relief Workers leaving through Pier 21 Canadian S2016.238.1 English
The Story behind the War Bride Poems by Hope Bridgewater (Museum use only) S2017.549.4 English

During the First and Second World Wars civilian, European women, married Canadian soldiers. Most of the women came from Great Britain, with fewer numbers coming from other European countries. These women are referred to as War brides.