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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Ticket issued to Sabato Foglia, February 11 1963 February 11 1963 DI2016.419.3 English

Donated to the Museum by Ida Hanson, August 27 2010
Ida Hanson (née Foglia) was born in Italy oin 1948. She immigrated to Canada with her mother, Camilla Foglia (née Iovino), sister, Elena, and brother, Natale. They arrived at Pier 21 on August 24 1963 on board MS Vulcania and took the train to Nelson, BC. Ida's father, Sabato Foglia, and older brother had immigrated six months earlier. They arrived at Pier 21 on February 9 1963 on board MS Saturnia.

Ticket issued to Rosemarie Lumma Angelow, January 7 1953 (No Restriction) January 7 1953 DI2014.576.7 English

Donated to Pier 21, September 26 2009, by Rosemarie Angelow.
Rosemarie Angelow (née Lumma) was born in Germany in 1929. She arrived in Halifax in January 1953 on board MS Italia.

Ticket issued to Pompea Savarin, September 27 1962 September 27 1962 DI2016.316.3 Italian, English

Donated to Pier 21 by Pompea Savarin, September 24 2010
Armando Savarin immigrated to Canada from Italy and arrived at Pier 21 in March 1957 on board MS Saturnia. He took the train to Hamilton, Ontario where he began work at a mushroom factory. He moved to Nelson, British Columbia two months later and began working for Canadian Pacific Railways. Armando married Pompea Catale, who was living in Italy, by proxy, and paid for her voyage. The couple met for the first time when Pompea arrived at Pier 21 on October 8 1962 on board MS Saturnia. They took the train to Nelson where they settled and had a family.

Ticket issued to Nikolaos Tsoporis, October 15 1960 (No Restriction) October 15 1960 DI2016.10.1 English

Donated to Pier 21, October 4 2006, by Peter Tsoporis.
Nikolaos Tsoporis immigrated to Canada from Greece and arrived at Pier 21 on October 25, 1960 on board Queen Frederica. His wife followed in 1962 by plane. Their daughter was born in 1963 and their son, Jim, joined them from Greece in 1967. Their son, Peter, was born in 1972.

Ticket issued to Martha Stockwell for transit from Montreal to St. Catharines, May 1946 (No Restriction) May 1946 DI2014.463.15 English

Donated to Pier 21, August 24 2009, by Eleanor O'Connor.
(Martha) Eleanor O'Connor (née Speirs) arrived at Pier 21 on May 21, 1946 with her mother, Scottish War Bride, Martha (Mattie) Stockwell. They sailed on board HMS Letitia and settled in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Ticket issued to Marie and Wilhemina Otto, May 7 1924 (No Restriction) May 7 1924 DI2017.6.3 English

Donated to the Museum by Debra Runge, August 31 2009
Debra Runge's mother, Wilhelmina Otto, was born in Russia in 1913 to parents, Marie (Neuwert) and Philip Otto. Marie and Wilhelmina departed from Moscow, Russia, travelled through Germany, Latvia, and France, and arrived at Quebec in November/December 1925.

Ticket issued to Maria Zavarella for passage on board SS Queen Anna Maria, May 2 1967 May 2 1967 DI2017.34.8 English

Donated to the Museum by Luigia, Nunziata, and Maria Zavarella, November 28 2009
Luigi Zavarella was born in Pratola, Italy in 1945 and his sister, Nunziata (Tina) Di Benedetto, was born in 1940. They immigrated to Canada with their father, Giovanni Zavarella, after their mother passed away in March 1959. They arrived at Pier 21 on November 30 1959 on board SS Conte Biancamano. They were met by their older sisters, Domenica and Concetta. Domenica arrived in 1958, sponsored by Concetta who arrived in 1956 with her son, Rocco, to join her husband, Giovanni Cianfaglione. They settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Domenica and Tina worked at the Halifax Infirmary and Luigi found work as a barber. He worked at various barbershops, and later worked at Saint Mary's University for 19 1/2 years. Tina's husband arrived in Canada on September 26 1960 and they were married on October 8 1960. Luigi married his childhood sweetheart, Maria Zavarella, also from Pratola, on June 19 1967. Maria arrived at Pier 21 on May 14 1967 on board SS Queen Anna Maria.

Ticket issued to Maria Battista for voyage on board MS Vulcania, April 17 1936 (No Restriction) April 17 1936 DI2016.246.12 Italian

Donated to the Museum by Barbara Battista, September 8 2011
Barbara Battista's father-in-law, Antonio Battista di Domenco, was born in Italy in 1899. He married Maria Russo and they had two daughters, Nunziata and Maria. Sadly, Maria (Sr.) died in childbirth and the two girls went to live with separate grandmothers. Antonio decided to immigrate to Canada and send for his daughters once his debts were repaid. Antonio arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October 1926 on board SS Arabic. He worked in Cape Breton until his debts were paid, returned to Italy, and married Teodora Colarusso. The couple returned to Canada while his daughters remained temporarily in Italy. They settled in New Waterford, Cape Breton and their family quickly grew with the birth of three children, Gina, Lina, and Armando. When Antonio sent for his daughters, Nunziata, 15, did not want to leave her grandmother and refused. Maria, 13, also wanted to stay, but was told she had to go. Maria arrived in 1936 and helped out at home by looking after her young siblings. Years later the family moved to Montreal, Quebec.

Ticket issued to Margaret S. Kydd for use on board HMT Athlone Castle, May 1945 May 1945 DI2015.372.16 English

Donated to Pier 21 by Margaret S. Kydd, July 4 2004
Margaret (Peggy) S. Kydd was born in England c. 1925. In 1943, she met her future husband, staff sergeant, William (Bill) Kydd, RCOC, while skating at a rink in Richmond, Surrey, England. At the time, Margaret was working at the General Post Office Radio Research tuning radio crystals for aircraft. Margaret and Bill were married on June 13 1944 at St. Peter's Church in West Harrow, Middlesex, England. Margaret departed from Liverpool and arrived at Pier 21 on May 12 1945 on board HMT Athlone Castle. Margaret took the train to Windsor, Nova Scotia, to visit her new sister-in-law and her family. She then visited Bill's two sisters and their families in Amherst, Nova Scotia and Kingston, Ontario. Margaret then went to Barrie, Ontario to meet Bill's parents and grandmother. On August 28 1945, Margaret was reunited with Bill in Toronto and he was discharged from service in October 1945. He returned to his job at CIBC and was posted in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Margaret and Bill had three children and moved to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia in 1957.
During the First and Second World Wars civilian, European women, married Canadian soldiers. Most of the women came from Great Britain, with fewer numbers coming from other European countries. These women are referred to as War Brides.