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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Photograph taken from SS Olympic of a sea plane, December 1954 (No Restriction) December 1954 DI2014.543.14

Donated to Pier 21, March 22 2006, by Karl Filipps.
Karl Filipps was born in Germany and both his parents, Martin and Katharina Filipps, were born in Yugoslavia. The family arrived at Pier 21 on board SS Olympia on December 15, 1954 and took the train to Windsor, Ontario.

Photograph taken from SS Canberra, 1951 (No Restriction) 1951 DI2014.509.1

Donated to Pier 21, July 8 2006, by Velta Klavins.
SS Canberra arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 3, 1951.

Photograph taken from MS Vulcania in Italy, April 1959 (No Restriction) April 1959 DI2015.605.2 English

Donated to Pier 21, August 15 2007, by Antonina Catalfo.
Antonina Catalfo (née Cristina) immigrated to Canada from Palermo, Italy and arrived at Pier 21 on April 27, 1959 on board MS Vulcania. She then travelled to Toronto, Ontario.

Photograph taken from a train, May 1957 (No Restriction) May 1957 DI2014.449.7

Donated to Pier 21, June 11 2005, by Karl Heinz Gwisdek.
SS Arosa Sky arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 24, 1957.

Photograph taken from a train, c. 1953-1962 c. 1953 to 1962 DI2016.24.9

Donated to the Museum, by Alfonso & Luisa Catenaro, July 2 2008.

Photograph taken from General R.M. Blatchford, October 1950 (No Restriction) October 1950 DI2013.839.4

Donated to Pier 21, May 18 2007, by Bohumir Ribek.
Bohumir Ribek lived in Czechoslovakia until he was displaced by the Second World War. He was originally denied International Refugee Organization assistance, but successfully appealed the decision in the fall of 1949. Bohumir immigrated to Canada in October 1950 and settled in Val d'Or, Quebec.

Photograph related to the Imhann family immigration, April 1957 (No Restriction) April 1957 DI2016.72.6

Donated to Pier 21, May 27 2012, by Ann Sosa.
Ann Sosa (née Antonia Imhann) immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands with her parents, Adrianus and Elisabeth Imhann, and her brother, Johannes (John). They arrived at Pier 21 on April 16, 1957 on board SS Zuiderkruis and settled in Edmonton, Alberta. Ann married Joseph Sosa in 1965 and they had two children. Joseph immigrated to Canada from Croatia in 1958.

Photograph portrait of two men related to the Abel family, 1800s (No Restriction) 1800s DI2013.1110.5

Donated to the Museum by Barbara Jones, Unknown date
Barbara Jones (née Abel) immigrated to Canada from England with her parents, uncle, and cousin in late June 1957. They departed from Southampton and arrived at Pier 21 on board RMS Sylvania and took the train to Toronto, Ontario.

Photograph portrait of Tom McGarry, c. 1955 c. 1955 DI2014.519.12

Donated to the Museum by Tom McGarry, July 2 2008
Tom McGarry was born in Ireland in 1923. In 1941, Tom moved to England for work. He worked in an ammunition factory, construction, and for the railroad. He also worked shifts for the Home Guard during the war and sent money back to his family in Ireland. He planned to immigrate to Australia but later chose Canada as Australia seemed too far away. He departed from Southampton, England in 1948 and arrived at Pier 21 and took the train to Toronto, Ontario. He stayed in Toronto for two weeks then decided to move to a smaller town for a better chance of finding work. He chose London because he lived near London in England. Tom met his wife, Jaye McGarry, at church and they were married in 1953. They had three children.