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Title Date of Arrival Image Related Ship Culture Language Accession Number
Ticket issued to Endre and Veronika Kramer, December 23 1956 December 23 1956 Italian DI2016.17.2
Ticket issued to Davina and Arthur Burns, June 24 1965 June 24 1965 English DI2013.1144.21
Ticket issued to Armando Savarin, March 2 1957 March 2 1957 Italian, English DI2016.316.2
Ticket issued to Albeto Camellato, October 9 1951 October 9 1951 Italian DI2016.42.3
Ticket issued for transit from Halifax to Toronto, May 1946 May 1946 English DI2014.463.16
Ticket from Home Lines, 1956 c. 1956 English DI2013.1932.1
Ticket from a bus in England, 1941-1944 1941 to 1944 English DI2013.911.27
Ticket for the train from Halifax to Montreal, December 1948 December 1948 English DI2014.306.6
Ticket for passage on board MS Italia, November 1956 November 1956 English DI2013.1932.3