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Ruth M. Goldbloom, O.C., O.N.S., 1923 - 2012

Ruth was one of six children born to Rose Schwartz, a Russian immigrant to Cape Breton who was widowed at a young age. Inspired by her mother’s work ethic and dedication to community, Ruth became a lifelong volunteer fundraiser. Ruth has raised millions in support of health, education, and cultural institutions. She stimulated $9 million in donations to the original restoration of Pier 21, and spearheaded the $7 million Nation Builders campaign to provide ongoing resources to Pier 21 in perpetuity, maintaining its place in the hearts of all Canadians. Ruth embodies the spirit of “giving back” to Canada.

The Ruth Goldbloom Educational Bursary Fund recognizes Ruth's passion for Pier 21 and Canada, and her heartfelt commitment to making education accessible for everyone.

Keep Ruth's Dream Alive

You can make a contribution in two ways:

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OR Phone Maria Almeida at (902) 420-6656.

The Goldbloom family will be notified of your generous donation.