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Anita Leffers and Johanna Werkman

Anita Leffers (right) and Johanna Werkman pose with oral historian Kevin Lohnes and hold an iconic photograph from the Pier 21 collection. An image that, until their visit, was simply called ‘The Little Dutch Boy'. Having heard that the photograph was at the museum Mrs. Leffers, the little boy’s sister and Mrs. Werkman, his sister-in-law, visited to tell us more about it. Both ladies were interviewed about their experiences of arriving in Canada as Dutch immigrants in the 1950s. The Pier 21 Society thanks them very much for identifying Peter Werkman and putting a name to the wonderfully evocative image that we have been using to promote the museum since 1999.

Please visit the Are You in this Picture? Page on the website. It features similar iconic images in the hopes that alumni who visit the website will find themselves, relatives, or friends, and help us put names to more faces.