Hieroglyph Door Hanger


  • Canvas board
  • Beige, orange and/or yellow paint
  • Permanent markers
  • White glue or Podge medium
  • Paper colour-printed hieroglyph letters (many options available online)
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • String


  • Paint canvas board to look like papyrus. A good way to do this is to put down a layer of beige paint followed by a dry brush (load a dry flat brush with a small amount of paint and wipe excess onto a paper towel or scrap of paper until a scratchy appearance is achieved. Apply to canvas in broad, long strokes.) This will provide a reedy woven look.
  • Allow to fully dry.
  • Lay out your hieroglyphs to spell the desired words. Above says "Elizabeth". You could also say "Jen's Room" or "Keep Out".
  • Glue the letters to the board.
  • Decorate the board with permanent marker designs of your choice. Look at ancient Egyptian artifacts for inspiration.
  • Apply a mixture of white glue with a small bit of water (to make it spreadable) or podge medium with an old, clean paintbrush to the entire surface to seal the hieroglyphs.
  • Allow to dry fully.
  • With hot glue, attach a string to the back of the canvas at the top two corners. Leave enough slack to hang your board in the desired location. We suggest over a door knob.

TIP: For more on hieroglyphs, see www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitions/civil/egypt/egcw02e.shtml

TIP: We learned our lesson the hard way. White school glue can go bad...very bad. If you have glue that is more than a year old and is no longer sealed, check it out before you count on it for your next special project. You may get a not so special surprise.