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Mini Djembe

A Djembe is a goblet drum originally from West Africa.

A brown color African drum with the design on corners.


  • Styrofoam or plastic cups (2 per drum) (You can get biodegradable “plastic” cups made out of corn for a more environmentally friendly version.)
  • Masking tape
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Brown paint
  • Markers
  • String


  • Hot glue two cups together at the narrow end.
  • Using masking tape, wrap the tape around the cups. Place several layers of overlapping tape over the opening to create the drum head. Keep the tape good and tight for a good sound. You can have either a one-headed or two-headed drum depending on your preference. Real Djembes only have one head.
  • Once the entire thing is covered in tape, put paint onto a rag (small amounts at a time) and rub it over the tape in thin layers to create a wood grain effect.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Using markers (black shows up best, but any colour will do), decorate your drum with designs. Be creative!
  • If desired, tie a string around the middle of your drum and tie a loop so the drum can be hung up or worn around the neck or over the shoulder.
  • Play the drum! Experiment with different finger taps and listen to African music for groovy rhythms.