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How Would You Pack Your Suitcase?

by Kristine Kovacevic, Interpretation and Visitor Experience Manager

Time 0:00:47


Immigrants to Canada packed all kinds of things in their suitcases for all kinds of different reasons. Maybe it’s something they will need for their new life in Canada or maybe it’s a part of their home they can’t bear to leave behind. Many immigrants bring things that you can’t even pack in a suitcase, like language, culture, religion and these things they bring with them in their hearts and in their minds. What would you bring if you had to leave Canada and move to a new country? Come to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in our collaboration corner to see how other people have answered this question. You can open it up and take a look inside. This person would bring acceptance, love, tolerance, memories and ‘Canadian-ness’.