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Family Bonds & Belonging -
Blanket Fort and Legacy Tree

by Kristine Kovacevic, Interpretation and Visitor Experience Manager


My name is Kristine Kovacevic and I am the Manager of Interpretation and Visitor Experience.

Welcome to Family Bonds & Belonging at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 presented by Scotiabank. This exhibit was originally created at the Royal BC Museum in British Columbia but we’ve added all kinds of really interesting elements from our own collection to really underline this connection with Canadian Immigration.

Family Bonds & Belonging focuses on families. On how families are made, on the different types of families, and on the important role that families played in the making of Canadian History.

I find myself in one of the cool parts of the exhibit here, it’s a part that talks about the role of children in the family. I’m standing next to something that you don’t often see in a Museum. It’s a giant blanket fortress that families can crawl through and play in together. We also have some books, and board games from different eras that families can play with and we even have our shadow puppet theatre that’s in the big TV that you can see behind me here.

Right next to our section here about kids, we have our Contributions Tree. On this tree instead of regular leaves we have pieces of paper. On these pieces of paper visitors have answered a really interesting question which is “What message would you like to share with future generations? What messages would you like to share with your great great great great grandkids?” Visitors can come and answer this question on a leaf and contribute it to our tree.

We hope you’ll come and visit this temporary exhibition while it’s here and learn a lot about what family means to you.