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Discover Culture

Discover Culture is an outreach and community development program designed to share Canada’s cultural diversity as a result of our immigration history. The program invites local cultural groups or practitioners to share their cultural activity with the public at the Museum. Workshops involve an introduction to the cultural history of the activity, followed by demonstrations and hands-on participation. Discover Culture programs are not watch-and-learn activities, but are rather do-and-learn activities. Discover Culture provides practitioners or cultural groups with the opportunity to educate the general public about their cultural practices, inspiring greater awareness and understanding of how immigrant groups in Canada contribute to the diversity of the nation.

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Would you like to share your cultural practice or activity?

Applications are welcome from a broad range of cultural groups and practitioners. There are no fees connected to the use of this program.

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For more information, please contact Carrie-Ann Smith, Vice-President, Audience Engagement, at or (902) 425-7770 ext. #225.