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What is Impossible with Man is Possible with God

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There is a proverb about war: “Every person for himself and God for us all.” What I want to say is that in war you want to save your own life, and that of others after. I left the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) due to poor politics and war. I saw the bodies of people killed by gunfire and machetes who lived with us in the same village, and I was at risk of being killed myself. It took me three months to escape the Congo. I found myself in Kenya without my family.

I could only think about them. I asked people from their area for information on them. Luckily, they told me my family was alive, and I told my family, through another person, to meet me. After spending three years in Nairobi, I was reunited with my family. I was elated to be with them in Nairobi for a year, but during this period it was difficult to survive and I had no work. Through our prayers, God gave us provisions during this time. I had already begun the emigration process to Canada. I got my visa and I went to Canada, but leaving my family behind once again. It was a big concern for me.

I forwarded their applications to Immigration Canada and we had hope that God would open the doors to them so they could join me in Canada. All the documents required by Immigration—marriage certificate, birth certificates for the children—were submitted. I got work here in Canada and I was able to support my family financially and morally, but I was not with them physically. I waited patiently and after almost two years I was reunited with my family.

It is thanks to God that we are here. Many family members, colleagues and friends were killed. God protected us and we are alive today, continuing to follow God’s will for our lives. For the time being I am with my family and we are very happy to be together and to follow our visions. Do not lose courage in life when faced with difficulties. A light and a good future lie ahead.

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