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Do Everything in Love 1 Corinthians 16:14

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I was living in Uganda together with my family. I was a music producer, and I sang together with brothers and nephews. In Uganda, we were competing with many musicians, and because we were not from there, and did not speak their language, it was hard. In Sudan, everything was starting fresh after the war. Very few musicians were there. We thought our music could succeed more there, so we decided to move.

But after one month, we got sick, both me and my nephew. I didn’t know what sickness it was, I experienced so much pain, I was confused what to do because we had no one to look after us. Getting medication, finding the medical centres and being able to reach them for support, it was all not easy. My hope was gone. I feared I was going to die, away from my family. Our music mission there wasn’t fulfilled but we had to come back to Uganda.

After experiencing this situation, I knew that there are many people who suffer in the same way. I became more concerned on other people’s lives. I started visiting people in different areas such as hospitals, homes, camps and communities of immigrants. I visited people who were left alone by their family to die at hospitals. In my career of music production, I decided to help singers who did not have money for recordings; I supported them in making of music albums that they could make money to help themselves.

In 2010, I came to Canada together with my family. We continued with music, singing in different events, doing many different performances and concerts. It also helped me to improve my English a lot. But in doing music, many times I felt still it was not enough for me.

When I decided to go to university, I searched for courses and I found the Social work program. I read more about it, I thought Wow! That is really for me. From then I started getting ready for it. I went for my grade 12 and also started to do volunteer work at Victoria hospital. I play the piano and sing for the patients, and visit them in their rooms.

One day, I went to a workshop and heard about the Inner City Social work program at the University of Manitoba. They support people who come from different countries, or have difficulties in education. I thought I could understand so much because of my living through war, sickness, and moving from country to country. I know how hard it is. I could help other people based on my experiences.

I started my application. They have four different stages to pass through. I passed one stage and just did the reading and writing exam. Now I am waiting to see if I will pass.

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