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(Translated from French)

It wasn’t my decision to leave my country, it was because of illness. Sometimes my leg hurt a lot when I was a child in Burundi. I could not walk well but sometimes it was an illness in my left leg. I was operated in a hospital in June. My life was hard, walking with someone next to me who helped me walk well. Life was hard for me at that time. One of my cousins brought me to the beach, but I couldn’t walk well. Sometimes it hurt. I started to pray to god how to live this difference without suffering, in all things because it was my first time getting sick.

My mother started the process of coming to Canada because I was gravely ill. After a bit of time I came to Canada with my mother and my two younger brothers.

I thought that Canada was a country without suffering. If you are under 18, you must come to the NEEDS Centre, until you find a school. In 2010, I continued my high school in 10th grade. In 2011, I left for camp with the NEEDS Centre group. During the 2011 vacation break, I looked for work to prepare to go to university. I find work in a daycare for kids from 5 to 9. Last year I received my high school diploma.

Now I study at Université de Saint-Boniface in business administration. Now my life is good. Sometimes in life you have to do more than turn the page, you have to change the book.

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