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Childhood Memories

Time 0:02:24

(Translated from French)

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I remember when my mother was sent to Kenya because of an illness when I was 6, I felt very bad. Life was becoming hard for me, I led a miserable life, with little material or money or the hardship of going a long time without my mother in my life.

In Congo I stayed with my uncle who was a doctor, he works with Médecins sans frontières, so he had a better life in Congo. I hope to be like him one day. So I have the impression that one day I will be able to be a doctor like my uncle. I left my country in 2005 to stay with my mother who had been sent to Kenya because of an illness (surgery). I arrived in Kenya in December 2005, when I saw my mother for the first time in 6 years. It was a miracle. What I remember from Kenya is where I spent my whole childhood. I continued my high school studies in Kenya and finished them, but in Kenya I couldn’t succeed because of my possibility.

I had friends from different countries in Kenya. Some of them had travelled to Europe, to North America others to Australia. They are the ones who gave me the courage to find out how to leave my situation. I got my first chance in 2009. It was a resettlement in Australia but failed because I was outside Kenya. Sometime around 2010 a friend sent me an address of an organization that sponsors refugees so I wrote to them and they accepted me. The process took three years. I arrived in Canada at the beginning of last month.

I think it will work out here because Canada is a country of opportunities. The Canadian government lends students money so they can finish their studies. My dream is to study at a university here, because I want a better life.

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