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My Story from Africa to Canada

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Hello, that's me, Azouber, I'm going to tell you about my story. When I was in Sudan with my dad, my mom, my sister... men shoot my sister and my brother. One day there was a war, people came with guns, shooting. So many people died. Then my father ran away, we didn't know where he went. Then me and my mother and my brothers, we ran away. Then, police shot my sister on the leg. My other sister left and we went to Chad, by walking, running, running, running, running, running, all over the places. Then my mother was having a golden bracelet. She sold it in Chad.

We took a train, we came to Cameroon. In Cameroon we saw a very good man, he was a Chief of Avenue Paraiso. We went to the HCR, then we went to Yaounde, then from Yaounde we came here. What I'm going to tell you about Canada is that I really love Canada. Canada is a beautiful place. Just because it's cold in summer, it's really good. My favourite sport is football and I would like to learn about basketball and that's my story. I'm Azouber Ahmed Monir.

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