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Making Change is Possible

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My father and mother worked in the church in Tanzania, and taught me good morals and values. Since we lived in the church area in my childhood, we had many foreign visitors. I asked I can travel with them. I never got to go anywhere but I knew it will happen someday.

As an active young person, I wanted always to make different in the community, and seeing people suffering from AIDS, drug abuse, and malaria, made me want to help. In 2000, I started an organization called Teenage Life Programme in the poor neighborhood of Dar Es Salaam. I used my journalistic skills to share information in schools, communities and universities to address issues are concerning the youth. This project lead me to become a youth activist. I was selected to travel to many countries in the world such as Australia, Germany, France, Morocco to participate in international youth activities.

I lived in Calgary for three years when I had an opportunity to visit Whitehorse, and I real loved it- the nature, the people, it was a good town. A year later, I moved here.

My passion for working with young people lead me to found Teenage Life & Young Adults International. It helps the teenagers and youth locally and internationally by addressing issues are impacting their lives. By sitting with youth, listening their stories, we empower them with leadership skills. I made many presentations in Whitehorse schools.

One day, I told the youth here that in Tanzania there are not much access to computers, libraries, and books. I had an idea to create a mobile youth container centre for many years. When I told them, they said, if that centre happens, we want to go meet the youth there. We could teach English and computer classes- they got so excited. I started to fundraise in the community and in my family, this January, we opened the doors. Sometime soon, the youth from Whitehorse will travel to Tanzania. Realizing this project means the world to me. It has connected two communities, and has a lot of positive impact in both.

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