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Hike to Self-Rediscovery

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I planned my life to have a career in media communication and with my mind set I spent my life to achieve that goal. I had several opportunities to join group that allowed me to see what might my future will be in the world of media. My life was exciting attending parties, various social functions and shows in Manila. The flashing lights, jovial sounds and towering building trying to reach the sky.

One day I was informed that our family are moving to Canada and for me it was exciting in a sense that I will have much larger opportunity in the world of media. Aboard the plane on my way to Canada I started to envision my life in the media scene but when I arrived in Whitehorse what I have in my mind suddenly changed. This place was not I have in my mind because what I saw is open space and not what I expect of what a city like.

My view changed when I went for camping in Tombstone National Park to celebrate my birthday instead of a typical party. My friends and I hiked the Grizzly Bear Creek trail to see Tombstone Valley. Along the way I can smell the scent of blueberries, fresh grass and spruce all mixed in the air. I stopped to forage on wild blueberries and experienced how their taste differs from the blueberries in a local store before we continue our hike. We stopped in the spot where we can see the valley… where I can see the world in a different perspective. I saw a land covered with green trees, towering mountain almost touching the sky and heard the call of various animals from the surrounding area.

My camping experiences allowed me to have a closer connection to nature the soft moss as my bed, the scent of live pine and lay under the clear sky while watching the stars go by. I suddenly found myself that this place given me the opportunity to make some room for myself.

I suddenly found myself a new life in the world of environmental science. I am now starting a life in natural world as a student of renewable resource management. I can see myself now, being outside, taking data from trees, measuring the health of the forest, and live the life exploring the land.

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