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Advantages for Immigrants in Canada with Happy Ending

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In 1958, I left Hong Kong for London, England, to study a nursing program. The program is the best nursing program in the world. The British trained nurses had the best nursing skills in world. The nurse can work can work in most of the Commonwealth countries. Having graduated as a registered nurse, and worked in a hospital for a few years, I felt home sick and I returned to Hong Kong in 1965. I worked in a hospital for 5 years with good wages and benefits.

When I was 10 years old, I had my tonsils removed in a hospital. The nurses looked after me very well, with tender loving care. It influenced me to take nursing as my career in the future and it has a lot of job satisfaction as well as job security. It is easy to find a job anywhere. In 1973, my family members and I applied to immigrate to Vancouver as a registered nurse. Within 3 months, we have got the approval from the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong. With a nurse position offered to me in a hospital in Vancouver. With 2 months discussion with my family members, we decided to immigrate to Vancouver, Canada. The reasons were:

  • Our children will have better chance to have university education
  • Stable political situation
  • Better health care system
  • No racial discrimination and
  • Democratic and multi-racial society

When we arrived in Vancouver airport on July 13, 1973, my friend met us in the airport. He lived in Vancouver and he helped us to look for an apartment. We settled down very well and appreciated his help. Having worked in the hospital in Vancouver and Victoria for 30 years, looked out for the elderly with chronic diseases. After I retired 10 years ago, I have been involved in volunteer work in the community teaching healthcare, first aid and CPR for people who came in Victoria and Immigrant Refugee Center and Silver Thread Senior Centre, taking Chinese people to see their family doctor for they cannot speak English. Whenever I gave health care workshops in the Chinese community, I gave them my telephone number, I informed them to call me if they need help in an emergency situation. One morning, an elderly male called me to informed me that his blood sugar level was below 3, he asked me what he should do, I told him to call 911 at once, drink plenty of fluid with sugar and inform his family members. He was admitted in the hospital with full recovery.

We have 4 children, 2 were born in Hong Kong and 2 were born in Vancouver. They studied very hard in school with very good marks. They worked part time and earned to pay their tuition fee when they were in University in Victoria. After they graduated 25 years ago, everyone has found a good job in Victoria.

We have made a good decision to immigrate to Canada. We fit in the Canadian culture very well. It is a good country for us to settle down. We are very proud of our four children, that they are independent and have their own families. I have a good retirement and through the activities which I love to do to maintain my health physically and mentally well. I am able to use my skills to provide a service in the community so that they can look after health well.

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