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A Letter to Ify

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My darling "Ify bay... bay ", It is said that everyone has a story: How true! My immigration story is not complete without you! it is already 365 days since you left us. My heart is still heavy I feel so hurt, without you things are not the same, I just can't get over it!

I came into Canada in Jan 2003, and in July I met you at the student orientation at centennial college. You approached me and said “Hi, are you new in Canada?” I said yes, and you said you were new in Canada too. I found out we were both from Nigeria, we were interested in studying social work. We were alike in so many ways. From then we became like sisters. We would go to the mall, study, party, laugh, play, cry , share views and opinion together: you were my (Ify bay…bay) and I was your (edisco).

We stayed close even when you moved to London after school. You got married and had two kids. We always kept in touch – if I didn’t call you, you would call me. Suddenly there was a break in communication. Even when I called you, and asked, You said you were fine. Little did I know you were battling with cancer, I understand you never wanted me to worry about you, But it is impossible not to worry about you Ify.

IFY BAY... BAY... It’s been 365 days since I lost your companionship. I miss your advice, your input, your smile, your voice. Words are inadequate to describe the pain and hurt I feel since I heard about your sudden departure and each time am crying with deep pains in my heart I hear you singing this song to me, it gives me comfort that you were born again and you will rise when the Lord calls your name on the last day. Rest in the bosom of the Lord my beloved friend till we meet to part no more!

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