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My Missing Home

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Even though I've been in St. John's for more than a year, I'm still missing my home in China. I now can be called a CFA which is come from away.

Spring Festival is coming. Chinese people usually get together with their families. When I was small, I would wait until a certain time to go to my grandparents to give them a kowtow, so that they would give me pocket money, which is wrapped in a red envelope. I would argue with my grandmother to put more coins in the dumplings so that I will not be upset about not having the dumpling with a coin in it. My father and I usually went outside to set the firecrackers. He would pretend to have a dumpling with a coin in his mouth to make me jealous. Last year’s New Year Eve, I was sitting in front of the computer and watching my mother making dumplings with my grandmother. How I wish I could be with them!

I come to Canada in order to go further my study. In their generation, my parents didn’t have much opportunity to receive a higher education, so they hope to provide me a better life. And then I use my better life to support their future. My mom was sleepless for a couple of nights because of my leaving. I told her that I was regretful about going so far away, but she told me, everything’s done. You have no choice. You have to go.

After 8 months of study, I decided to switch from course work to a thesis. I spoke to my friend’s supervisor and she accepted me. At first I had no idea on what topic I was going to focus on my research. Then my supervisor asked me if I would like to stay here or go back to China, because the focus would be different. She told me that if I would like to stay here, I need to focus on the topics that are unique in Canada or specifically, in Newfoundland.

Then I made a decision that my topic is on new immigrants. After accomplishing some volunteer jobs, I tend to be really into the topic. Support and help provided by people do have great influence on those new immigrants’ life and future in Canada. Helping them to settle and establish new “home” is really meaningful for me. That’s also what I’m going to do for myself.

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