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The Story About Immigration

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My name is Mark, and I am from China. I have just settled in Moncton, New Brunswick.
When I lived in China, I had my own business and colorful life with my family. I liked sports and exercises, like Chinese Tai Ji Gongfu. I went out for fishing during vacation and no sleeping at night to fish. I practiced Tai Ji Gong Fu with my master and Gongfu friends. How exciting it is!

At first, I did not want to immigrate to Canada. I liked my life in China, but then I decided to follow my family.

My wife persuaded me to immigrate for many times, but I did not agree with her first because I felt I would be homesick if I left China. Sometimes I made her unhappy and I also was unsure.

I learned about Canada from the internet, I learned that Canada had many different cultures, we could live freely and a less competitive life without pressure. I decided to go to Canada with my family at last.

We came to Canada in winter. It is snowy and cold. I always feel it is boring, tasteless and hopeless. When I am cooking and reading books in home, I see the blue sky and beautiful scene out of the windows. I wish to fish, to camp, to walk and to practice Tai Ji Gongfu. But I cannot do it because it is too cold outside. So I feel badly every day. I felt, I cannot fit the life well.

But now something is changing. I have made many friends from China, Korea, South Africa and local people. I have the English classes about employee training at the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton. I have accumulated some experience in Canadian customs, for example, in China I never went shopping to buy food, but now I go to the supermarket by car. I am also looking for jobs and finding a business. Now I am gradually fitting in with the life styles and the society in Moncton.

I am dreaming to open my own business quickly to earn much money in Canada.

Hoping summer is coming soon, and then I can have a fine beginning.

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