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My Second Life

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When I was 18 years old, I started working as a car mechanic in Korea. When I was 25, I started my own business in Seoul called Kang Motors. Four years later, I married my wife Hey Suk Cho and next year we had our first child. I did my best at that time. My business was successful and going well.

I bought a Ferrari California that had been in accident from the CEO of Samsung. I enjoyed rebuilding the car so much that I decided to change the focus of my company. My mechanics became certified for Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis. I also became a major parts distributer for supercars. We provided auto parts so we had to import from other countries like Germany, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Japan. So we had to travel to other countries from the business trips. Sometimes I brought my family on the business trips to show them my business activity and I wanted them to have international experience for the future.

Life in Korea was very competitive. I wanted more relaxing lifestyle for my children and me and my wife. Although my business was very successful, I began to think about my life. I wanted to do something new and challenging. But I also wanted more time for my wife and children. We decided to move to other country and I continued to work hard. When I turned 40, we decided to move to Canada as newcomers. I began my second life.

When I came to Canada, I didn’t have friends or relatives. Now we have been living in Canada about one year and a half. Canada has been good environment. Being here makes my family life happier. We play basketball and games and tournaments. The kids are learning how to skate and they like attending school as well. Sometimes we enjoy driving and traveling around Canada.

At first my family was worried that if I started a new business in Canada, I would work too hard again and not have enough time for my family. But now my goals have changed. First, my main goal is for my family to adapt well as newcomers to Canada. My second goal is to build my business in Canada.

For my second life, I first have to learn English more. Second, make friends and learn more about Canadian culture. I got a job with Jeff of Auto Surgeon in Moncton and I attended a business class at MAGMA with Bob and I also joined West Moncton and Riverview Rotary Club. In the future, I hope my family will be even happier in Canada with more challenges and experiences. Each day I create my second life because my second life is like new white paper.

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