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Hopeful Journey

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Some people are born lucky but the account my fate was written with tears. I was born in a village of India in Uttar Pradesh. I lost my father when I was only two. My mother became a young widow and was always sad and unhappy. My childhood was a tale of tears. I was badly treated by the other members of the family. I never got the truth about the my mother`s death. It made me very sad when I went to my village to pay the last respect but they cremated her in my absence. These two tragic deaths shattered my hopes. I was helpless and hopeless. I was forced to live with many relatives who abused me, neglected me. I was forced to do the things which I did not want do. My story was just like David Copperfield.

But I never gave up my studies. In order to continue my studies I had to do private coaching and sometime pulling rikshaw. This built my self-confidence and courage to struggle. My goal was to finish my University degree. By the grace of God I finished my Masters in English.

Then I went to Delhi to look for a job. This place was very busy place. Getting a job was not easy. But one has to have money to survive in this place. I got some private tutoring and with that I would earn small amount of money to pay my bills. I really was looking for a stable job in a college but nobody would hire me because I did not have proper dress for interview. However, one day it was my lucky day when I was called for an interview and they hired me. I can never forget that day. Then one day in the summertime, I was going by train to my city where I studied. I met an American officer, who talked to me about Hindi language. He showed some interest in it and asked me if I would like to teach Embassy staff Hindi Language in Delhi. It was a new door.

After few years my boss was transferred to U.K and my job was uncertain. But he was so kind to me that he advised me to go to England and look for another job. He helped me in getting Indian passport and arrange funds for travel to U.K. I went to U.K and after few days I got a job with Inner London Education Authority. I worked in inter city schools. After, some time I got married with an Indian girl from Kenya. She was also a teacher. After, few years we decided to immigrate to Canada.

Here in Canada we could not get a job in our profession. She was lucky to be hired as a clerk in the University of Toronto. At the same time I got admission in B.E.D. After, Exam, I got hired in a school. The teaching was not easy as I thought. There was so much discrimination that I was forced to leave my job. After, few months another Board, hired me as a community relation officer. In this position I had great satisfaction and lot of challenge. Later, I moved to a teacher`s job. My wife was promoted to an Assist. Registrar position.

Today we are retired and live in happy neighbourhood of Markham. I have two sons and an adopted daughter. Both the sons have good jobs and the daughter is a vice principal of a Public school. I publish a Hindi literary quarterly magazine. It has got many awards from Indian Govt. I am well known in the community. This was my journey to Canada. All is well that ends well.

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