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The First Step is Always the Hardest

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My name is Kelvin Ng, I am an immigrant from Hong Kong which is a famous and well known city of China. When I was a kindergarten student I have been told I would immigrate to Canada after I finish grade 5, in that time I don’t have the basic knowledge of what really happen, it just feel like a very far away thing to me in that time. As the time pass I soon turn in to the age of 10 and the time has come.

I miss everything I had in Hong Kong, but I know life is like a challenge and we must face it. When I was first arriving to Canada, Canada is a totally different place than what I had expected, everything look repeat and bored. I remember the first day I was going to school I see a student that have the same skin as me, when I went in front of them and I used my limited and full of accent English try to start a conversation but all I get is ignored. I knew that is not a good start for a first day immigrant student, soon after I had made some friends in the school and of course they're Chinese and have the same background as me.

Even though it had been a year of living in Canada but I still didn’t have interest on studying the Canada Culture because I think I am not part of this country. Unit 1 year late , that one day my school open a dance party in valentine's day, through the dance I discover , I had the talent of dancing that make everyone in my class surprises ,and start to care about me. That causes me to start interesting on learning Canada Culture like news and pop music. Even though it is very hard for an immigrant student like me, but I stay go thought and these things made who I am today.

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