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My Immigration Road

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I was born and grew up in China worked there, retired there and it never came into my mind that I would live in Canada someday. All things were changed because of my daughter. She graduated from a famous University in Beijing in 1996, then she got a scholarship from University of Toronto for her master degree, so she left us.

My daughter got her first job in Toronto in 2000, then she got married. She missed us and we missed her. She said, ‘Mom, come, live with me! I applied for family reunion’. So my husband and I landed in Toronto in 2005.After separated for 6 years, we were excited and felt extremely happy when we met each other. I remember my daughter rushed out of her house to give me a big hug, tears kept running on our faces.

Since we came here, my husband and I stay at home with cooking, cleaning, doing grocery shopping and taking care of my granddaughters. I had never got a chance to learn English before. When I first came to Canada, I couldn't do anything without helps. I couldn't take bus, couldn't go shopping, couldn't understand TV programs... I felt trapped in my daughter’s house. I felt lonely. I knew I had to do something to cheer myself up.

I enrolled an English Class in the community center near to us. I became a student when I was 65 years old. Now, I can take trips all by myself. I feel so proud when the Mayor David Miller took picture with me, it made me feel I’m accepted by Canadian society.

My husband and I are Ping Pong lovers. We play Ping Pong almost every day here. I made lots of friends here now, and I do not feel lonely anymore. I also think I need to do something for the society. I like to be a volunteer to pay back to the community. Every spring, we plant trees. In 2013, we knitted many scarves for seniors living in nursing house.

I help my daughter taking care of her two girls, now one is 12 , one is 3. I'm happy to see them growing up day by day. I'm a happy senior, have a happy family and I love Canada.

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