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Why Do I Move to Canada?

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This is a long story. One day when my father came back from Canada, he said: “Oh~ Canada is a good place, I love there. Maybe we can think about to immigrant to there?” My mom knew nothing about Canada, so at first my mom was disagree with it, so then they talk about this idea for many days and my mom agreed with it. My mom told me that we will immigrant to Canada. I was grade 8 at the time. What I was thinking at that time was: Where is the Canada? Does Canada look nice? Does Canada have lots of fun?

Moving to Canada is my parent’s plan. Since that day they told me, I was thinking about many things, I don’t have choice because at that time I was so young. So I need to follow what they going to do for me.

But on the other hand: I came to Canada in order to realize my dream. I was become closer to my dream: to be a singer. When I was grade 6, I take part in many competitions. And I usually get the first or second place during the competition. When I was in the secondary school, I am the top 10 singer from grade 7 to grade 9, and I hope one day I can learn how to play guitar, and how to write a good song. Because I like American pop music a lot. So that’s why I want to be a singer.

Few months after being in Canada, I feel positive energy and my mind is clear, I know what I want to do to realize my dream. I won’t be confused anymore. In my opinion, Canada is a mysterious place, she can always give you surprised at the right time and makes you feel happy, and Canada always makes you feel calm, like me, I feel positive energy, I am not dumb anymore. Then I felt calm so I know what I going to do to realize my dream, and that’s why I came to Canada, and also, that’s why I love Canada.

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