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Striving for a Dream

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I never thought I would say “No” to come to Canada until the day I actually had to leave my country. As a kid I always wanted to come to a western country, where kids had their own bedrooms and where they threw muffins and cupcakes at each other because they had more food than they had rocks and sticks. As a kid I didn’t have that much to worry about. As I grew up though, there were some political issues in my country, and my family started to scatter one by one until it was my turn.

I came home from school and my mom told me to pack one sweater and one pair of pants because we had to flee. We hid in a truck which delivers food to soldiers in the borders and we started our journey. When we got to the border we were picked up by smugglers who cramped us sixteen people into trunk of a small pickup truck and took us to a refugee camp in a neighbouring country Sudan. Life in the refugee camp was hard we were always under alert because of security reasons like kidnapping, robbery and other stuff, and since we were refugees we didn’t have any rights. After a year of fighting through our problems, me and my family were accepted to come to Canada. That was one of the happiest days of my life. But my oldest sister was overage, so she had to start her own process and we were forced to leave her in there which took away all the happiness in the idea of having a fresh start.

When I came to Canada I never thought that people worried or had problems like weight issues, cyber bullying, and that there would be problems like loneliness, isolation, and money issues for immigrants. Since I was from a different background it was really hard for me to find connections with other people, and since I was a hyper and social kid not having friends really bothered me and took my focus from other important things. Coming home straight from school and doing my homework for hours because I didn’t have anything to do wasn’t working for me. I figured if I wanted to make friends I would have to go out and do some extracurricular activities, and since it was spring, I decided to join the track and field team. After a while, I started meeting a lot of people, I got more involved, and life started getting better.

Now I have been in Canada for a year and a half, and I am in grade twelve. In school I do at least four extracurricular activities and I also have two jobs. I am planning on going to university to become a doctor. AND YES I DID END UP HAVING A MUFFIN FIGHT.

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