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My father was a farmer. He suffered a lot because the yield was not good for making a lot of money. One day, I went on a land visit with my father on his bicycle. That time my father told me that you become a researcher, not like me. After that I participate a lot in the science competition in school. I went to university in Trichy. After completing my exams, I came back to my home, and my aunt was in the hospital. She died within a month. She got breast cancer This motivated me to do my research in the medical field.

I started Master’s in Life Sciences. My research partner was David. We went to the forest, especially on the weekends, to study the nature. After graduation, he went camping, and got sick. They didn’t suspect malaria. I travelled 8 hours to visit him. During surgery, he died. Because of the type of malaria he had, they couldn’t identify it easily from the blood smear. After that, I got a medical fellowship to do my PHD work with the WHO Lab on vector born diseases.

During my PHD times, I could not always get the chemicals immediately that I needed for my research. If I stayed in India, I would not be able to do my research as effectively. So I got a fellowship after completing my PHD, and went to Korea. That time I met the 1985 Nobel Prize winner. His research inspired me. It shows that living a simple, healthy life connected to nature would reduce the risk of eradicable diseases. A lot of Nobel Prize winners, especially in medical research, come from developed countries.

I went to the United States to do my research. While I was working there, I got an information package from a marriage broker. The broker compared our horoscopes, and the match was very good. I started to communicate with Sangeetha, and after a year we were married in India. She was doing her PHD in Halifax during that time, so I moved there to be with her, and to work in research at Dalhousie University.

Now I got the NSERC visiting fellowship at Lethbridge Research Centre. The lab is very well equipped. Here in the developed countries, they have good facilities for research. The system of research is set up to make it easy to do my own way of research. My way is to simplify the research and offer the most basic solution to health problems, and support the common people to live longer.

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