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My Dream

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I was born in the refugee camp The thing I liked most was singing in the church. We went to church three times a day. Sometimes I would sing with the choir, and it would make everybody happy.

When I moved to Canada, when I was sad or unhappy I listened to music. I sing along with it and it always makes me happy. On Sunday I go to Karen church and I also sing there too. One time the Karen youth in Langley did a singing competition. I signed my name on a list and they pick me. On that day I sang and I got a second place. I was so happy and my family happy for me too.

Most days, I don’t think much about home. But last month, all my memories came back again. I dreamed that I went back to Thailand to help my people. In my dream I don’t want to come back in Canada because all the kids in the camp want me to stay there forever but my family want me to come back in Canada. At that moment I asked my brother to make a song with me. We made a song about “MY PEOPLE” because we missed our people so much. When I wrote it, I felt kind of sad, and kind of happy because some of my people are safe, and some are in a troubled place. Like my dream, I wish that I could be back there to help them, and also be safe here.

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