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My Life in Canada

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My name is Htee Tha kway. When I was three years old my mother and father had a little farm. My mother and father have two dog, an elephant, four chicken and a garden. My grandpa had little house in the forest and big garden. In the garden there is vegies, mango trees, and fruits. Every time when my grandpa is going to his little house he asked me if I want to go. Every time when I went to my grandpa little house we had a big lunch until we are full. My grandpa and my grandma are nice to me.

I remember when I was four years old my mother told me that our land is almost takes over by the Burmese soldiers. My family started to move in Canada.

When I am in Canada everything looks different. I never have toys in refugee Camp. toys looks awesome in Canada. I never have something like TV or movies in refugee camp. I never have soft bed in refugee camp. When I saw snow in Canada I was excited because I never seen snow before.

When I was in grade one I started to go to boys and girl club. Now I am in grade 5. Every day after school I go to boys and girl club. We play baseball, soccer, football, basketball. When I was seven years old my grandpa came to Langley. He lives with my cousin. When my dad goes to my cousin’s house, I can go to see my grandpa. He doesn’t have a big garden anymore. He is much older now. But he is still alive. He is still nice to me. He is still my favourite grandpa.

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