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New Life in Canada

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I remember when I was in Thailand, I was walking back home from school. My mom told me that our family was going to move to Canada. At first I thought she was joking. My parents wanted to leave the camp because they wanted us to be out of the danger zone. They didn’t want us to get hurt or killed by the Burmese. My family waved goodbye to their friends and relatives. Some of the people were sad and crying but some was happy. I just smile and waved goodbyes to my friends. After the many bus rides and plane rides, we arrived at Welcome House.

The house was very different from the houses in Thailand. I didn’t know how to use the washroom. I would always get scared when I flushed the toilet. The bed was so big I jumped on it all the time when I was bored. My family didn’t stay in welcome house for so long.

In Langley my family stayed in one of my mom’s friend’s house at first than went to our house and settle down. I started to go to school 3 months after. I was really scared when the teacher introduced me to the class. All of the kids stared at me. I was really nervous but later that year the teacher and the classmate were really nice and they helped me a lot.

I’ve been in Canada for five years now so my English got better and I have a lot of friends. Someday I want to go back to Thailand and help the people who need it. I want to bring them food and supplies they need to survive. I want to help people who are poor. I don’t want them to be sad, because I know how it feels.

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