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Future in Canada

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When I heard the announcer call my dad name and other people to go to Canada I was so happy. I was so happy that I cried, we all did. On that day when we have to come to Canada I was kind of sad because I won’t be able to play with my friend and I won’t see my relative anymore.

The day we left, they started by driving us to Bangkok with a small car and then we got on a bus. The bus drove us to a place called kiman. We stay there for 1 night. After that we got on the airplane and flew all the way to Canada. We come to a place call welcome house in Vancouver. I was so tired I sleep like a dead person all day.

The day after that I woke up and when I finished using the washroom and flushed the toilet I thought there a monster growling because back in my place you flushed different and there no sound. There was a Canadian guy and he show us so many cool things that we never seen before around Vancouver like car that only fit 2 people, bike that make motor bike sound, bull dozer, roller skate and more. It was awesome. It was all so new.

Years pass and I start to understand more and more about what happened to my family. My grandma told me the reason why my family comes to Canada. She was chased by the Burmese. They came to kill her and she had to hide. They dug a whole in the ground and she hid with my mom and my uncle. If they make any noise they kill them so they have to be really quiet. They finally escaped. Now they said that they will have peace but I’m still worry for people that I know because they might lie and start to kill the people again.

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