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The Journey Begins

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I was born in Cela. I can’t remember about Cela but my mom told me that it was a beautiful place all our family lived in Cela and we all lived close together, they all had animals, they planted foods, and all ate together. Then the journey begins. My mom told me that my family had to run from the burmies. They would run, and run. Then they came to Malao Refugee camp. In Malao Refugee camp life was very hard and lot of people were poor, and can’t afford foods. Then we moved again.

I remember the day I came to Canada. I was very little and didn’t know much, but I did know that I was going far away. I remember when I was on the airplane they give us foods, and I did not like it all. I thought to myself what kind of food is that. The food was awful. When I came to Welcome house. I thought to myself WOW THIS HOUSE IS BIG, but then someone told us it was like an apartment. The welcome house had 3 floors. Then after staying at welcome house for a few weeks or months, they told us that we were going to Langley. The journey begins again.

When they show us where were going to live I was surprize. It was very different from Thailand. When I went into my bedroom I was so SHOCK. I saw beds, closet, and I saw some toys. I was so happy to have new things. I met new friends, I go to a great school, my English has improved, and I go to a great club called The Langley boys and girls club. Most of my family are in America or Canada and they are all safe. Now the journey has settled down. I feel like we are at home with our family again.

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