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My Life is Awesome

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In Canada its different than Thailand, because in Thailand we don’t wear shoes. In Thailand there are no toys you have to build your own. In Canada there are more things than Thailand. I miss my cousins and my family in Thailand. I like Canada and I like Thailand.

Sometimes I don’t know how to do my work when I was in kindergarten, because I don’t know how to read. I go to ESL. They tell us sentences, and they explain it to us. That is how I learned to read English. At home I still speak Karen with mom, dad, and sister and brother and friends. I don’t know how to read and write, but I go to Karen school. My parents don’t speak English very well. If my mom and dad watch movies, some words they tell me to explain it. Sometimes I don’t know how to explain, but I know the word. They get kind of mad.

All of my friends are Karen. Some of them play soccer with me. When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t like soccer because I didn’t know how to play. When I was grade one, I started playing soccer. Our ESL teacher, she made up a soccer team. She asked me to join the team.

I wanted to be on the team because all my friends was on the team. The first day, we didn’t practice /we played a game right away. I felt nervous. But the second game I played, I knew how to play so I wasn’t nervous anymore. Now, I am in grade 4, and I am still playing. We practice on Thursday in the gym, or outside in the field. I like playing soccer with my friends.

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