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Life in the Refugee Camp,
Families and Friends with Hope

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Two weeks ago, Herv ask me if I want to talk about how I came to Canada.. At home I thought what to say… In my country when the Burmese attack our land we were so worried that we couldn’t even cry because if they heard us they will kill us. The reason why we came to Canada is not because we just like to come. We came because our life is in danger and sometime the Burmese troops come up.

When I was three years old I moved to Bangkok to get a special card that when something bad happened we can move to Thailand without fear. Two years later, I got back to the refugee camp with my friends and family together. I enjoyed the noodles at the noodles shop in the camp and eating mangos . it taste sour and sweet mix together it taste the best to me.

When I was seven I came to Canada and I was very sad because I don’t get to see my friend and families that are still in the refugee camp. I feel bad for them because they had to stay there and sometime it’s hard to find food and the Burmese attack.

In the first day I came to Canada It felt so weird because in the mirror I can see myself and I thought there was a clone of me in the mirror.

In the welcome house, I saw all of the toys and food but I didn’t like any of them. After a few weeks in Canada I got use to the people and their foods. As I started learning English, a lot of my English friends helped me and supported me. When I was nine, I joined the soccer team.

As I grew older, I learned more English and I am getting better at soccer every year. The day I enter the boys and girls club everyone was a great friend. . I wanted to tell my story so other people could learn about the Karen people. And so they know us and become friends with us.

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