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I am a typical after 80s born Chinese boy. Because of the “one Child” policy, I was a “little emperor” in my family. I didn't need worry about anything, and I could have everything that I wanted. All I had to do was be good at my studies. But I wasn’t. And that changed everything.

Because of obsessing in animation and video games, I was falling in love with Japanese language and culture. It’s just like Romeo falling in love with Juliet, a forbidden love. As everyone knows, Japanese had invaded China and killed so many people; therefore, the older generation does not like Japanese at all and educate us to be anti-Japanese. If I spoke up that I love Japanese culture, they would feel that I have betrayed my country.

I spent so much time on gaming that my grades became too low to enter a good university in China. My father had learned that his friend’s daughter was just graduated and got a job in Canada. My parents thought it was a good opportunity and sent me to follow her steps.

When I came to Canada, I found that I am not a "little emperor" any more. There is no mommy or daddy around me. I only had instant noodles as my meals for a month. Comparing to my hometown, life here was boring. I asked myself: Why am I here? I want to go to Japan. But that is not an option in my parents’ mind.

Then I found a course I could take in Japanese language. Through that course I met classmates who love Japanese culture as well and Japanese friends. We would hang out each week, playing games and eating food. I found out life here is not that bad. I took some more courses on Japanese history I found it’s not exactly like how I learned in China. Maybe my dream job will come from my knowledge of Japanese language and culture.

Why did I come to Canada? The answer is I am born in a Chinese family and falling love with Japanese culture. I cannot do that in China, maybe not even in Japan. But I can do that in Canada.

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