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When I arrived at the airport I saw the sign with my name, and ran to it, screaming that’s me! At the last moment I changed the destination of my immigration. My father wanted me to go to a place where we had my brother’s friend to take care of me. So, I landed in Halifax, a place I knew nothing about.

In the morning, the family took me on a tour of the city. How amazing the place looked! Halifax looks exactly like my favorite city in Morocco. Ifrane is a small city with many trees and lakes. I love these quiet, peaceful places. When I was child we used to visit my grandparents who live in the countryside. I always liked the constant change of scenery along the way- the flowers, the farm land, the old villages and mosques. When we arrived, we would put down the carpet and sit outside under the shady trees, drinking mint tea. I had waited four years for my immigration application to be accepted, and seeing that Halifax was so familiar made it worth the wait.

One day my brother invited me to Montreal. He said, it can be easy here for you because you have the language. The city is big like Casablanca and there are so many Morroccans. You won’t feel by yourself. You can find people to speak Arabic with and eat morrocan food at any time. But I didn’t feel comfortable like I did in Halifax.

I was fortunate to participate in the WHTC program at the Canadian Museum of Immigration. The program includes the Welcome to the World brown bag lunch presentations where the program participants take the staff for a tour around the world. I had to talk about my country Morocco, its cuisine, traditions and geography……………while I was working on my presentation my friend told me the Amazing Facts about Morocco and NS. Approximately 200 millions years ago, Pangea began to break apart, tearing North America from Africa and leading to the creation of the Atlantic Ocean. Like twins separated at birth, the volcanic rock of the Atlas Moroccan Mountains resembles the cliffs alongside Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Delighted by the discovery, I understood the connection that I had from the beginning with Halifax. I was home, I didn’t immigrate.

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