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Guardian Angels

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My mother passed away when I finished my university, she was a professor in the university that I studied. At that time, because so many classmates, friends and relatives were around me, I didn’t feel very sad or depressed. I was surprised how all well I handle this tragedy.

To study oversea is always my dream. My aunt, uncle and grandpa, who lived in Canada, thought it was a good time for me to come over to here and have a chance to look the other side of the world. But I only met my aunt and uncle a couple of times before, so when I arrived it was awkward. Even though they were family, I felt alone.

Because I had a provisional offer at Guelph, I was under a lot of pressure to not let anyone down, including myself. I had a hard time to adapt to professors lectures, new teaching styles and all the presentations, group and individual projects. I had no one to talk to about it. I missed my mother at that time more than any other.

I did my best to overcome my problems, made some friends and finished my program on time in September 2012. But I didn’t want my life to be only school, and wanted more experiences out of school.

When I started volunteer work in Guelph-Willington immigrant services, I recognized one of my grandpa’s colleagues from the stories he told me. My grandfather was a professor in China, who could speak English. He volunteered to help more Chinese seniors who can’t speak English to be involved in Canadian society.

This was the same place! What a coincidence! People were happy to see me because I remind them about my grandpa. He had just passed away, and I was missing him. He was an idol for me in my enter life. I felt a strong connection between me and my grandpa when I talked to the people.

I found a job after half year of job hunting and people thought I was very lucky to find a job in a short time after graduation. Even though I don’t believe there are angels exist in our daily life, I’d like to think my mother and grandfather are protecting me as my guard angels.

They motivate me to do my best in everything, and I feel they will stay with me forever.

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