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What is Meaningful Life

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My hometown is a little town which is in Guangdong province, which is in southern part of China, where there is lots of people immigrated to Canada because the golden rush and railroad construction around nineteenth century. When I grew up, people around me started to persuade me to immigrate to Canada, even though I am very young at that time. I remembered that I gave this a decisive answer, “No way!” I strongly believe that I will never leave my country which I love deeply.

Things always change. After years, I got married and had two lovely daughters. All the things look like going on a right path. Despite everything looks good on the surface, there are always some problems underneath. While everyone is trying hard to make money for better life, money became everything. But when you only focus on money, it seems like you only have one direction. Life should not be like that. I realized that we are losing something; something valuable. I kept asking myself, “What kind of future would my children have? What kind of life do I want to have?” But until now, I still never thought about immigration.

One day my husband told me that he was considering to immigrate to Canada. I only had one feeling: Life is so miraculous! Suddenly, Canada became so close to me. With a little sadness, a little excitement and a lot of expectation, we started out on our journey to Canada.

We landed in Canada on June 21, 2010. Yet that moment as if just happened yesterday. Adapt to a new environment has never been easy, especially for adults. You feel like you suddenly fell on the floor from the sky. You feel you are shrinking, you can’t find your position, you also feel guilty of leaving your old parents. You keep asking yourself, "Did I really make the right decision?"

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." When I feel depressed, this maxim I used often to encourage myself. I always can find something good in every day through my children. They feel happy for going to school. They have more time and chance to try different things. They learn things with joy. You can also get to know more about culture in Canada through the children. When you look at their happy faces, you start to believe that you are making a right decision.

Now we live in a beautiful small city. It reminded me of my childhood; simple, easy and happy. I feel lucky that I can be here, even though sometimes I still baffle if I made a right decision for choosing immigrate to Canada. But I believe that everything will be getting better. I appreciated those people who are kind to me and smile at me. It makes me feel warm and help me pick up my vigor.

It is good thing that I can share my story with others. Sharing is essential part of human being’s life. Through sharing you know you are not alone, you are part of this society, and you also can make this country become better.

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