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The Story of Roddy Mackay's Reunion with his Brothers and Sisters (Scottish Evacuee Child)

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November 1941
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On Feb 9th the Monterey Herald featured a story on how Roddy Mackay on Dec 20th 2000 after a separation of over 60 years and a search of 30 years finally located the last of four siblings from whom he was separated in 1940 during World War ll. Mackay his three brothers and one sister were abandoned in Edinburgh Scotland and sent to various children's centers. This was the same lot for thousands of other children during the war years. Roddy was sent to and raised in a British operated children's school near Victoria, Canada. His older brother and sister were placed in various children institutions in Scotland and England. His two younger brothers who were 3 & 4 years of age were placed in a foster home near Aberdeen Scotland. Roddy has put the bitter memories of the split up of his family during the war aside. But he still finds it difficult to accept the uncaring and callous manner of various government - operated agencies that had the children in their care. He and his brothers were denied information of even the existence or where about of each other. It was only last summer that Roddy was finally with the OK of authorities able to access his child hood records that are on file in the Birmingham, (U.K) Library Archives. Those records gave him the beginning leads in the search for his two younger brothers. He had located his older brother and sister in 1971. Since that very happy and memorable Dec. date the Mackay brothers (sister Minnie is quite ill and hospitalized) have been in constant communication via telephone and the Internet planning a Grand Reunion this coming Oct. in Chinnor, England where his brother Sandy and family live. His other younger brother Billy lives in South Africa. Roddy, Betty, son Iain, daughters Christine, Tara and Briana will be flying over on Oct. 4th for this fantastic lifetime family reunion.

The names of the children in the photo seated on the ship are as follows: Front row left to right, Roy Myhill, Brian Tibbles, Eric Foster, Louis Field, Peter Mein, Roddy Mackay, Hugh Taylor, Leon Field,Back Row Clement Gray, May Bean, J. Dean, Christine Smith, Irene Richards. Over the years I have seen 1 or 2 of them at school reunions in Canada.