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The Pier 21 Story of John Miller

The Museum reviews and accepts donated personal or family memories and histories into its collection. As a learning institution, the accounts help us understand how individuals recollect, interpret, or construct meaning from lived experiences. The stories are not modified by Museum staff. The point of view expressed is that of the author and not that of the Museum.

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In 2002 one of my daughters was a member of the mixed curling team that had won the Provincial Championship so two of my other daughters accompanied her to Halifax to compete in the Canadian Competition. While in Halifax on our tour, I took them to Pier 21 to share where I left for overseas in December 1943 and told them how we carried thousands of pieces of baggage into the open shed. It was piled so high we had to walk up on top of it and pile it higher and higher. Then to see it all renovated to house the beautiful Museum it is now, they were quite amazed and so was I to see the changes that were made, that had also seen the movies shown, seeing all the Vets, War Brides and Children. Also all the immigrants arriving. Amazing. Thanks for the tour. They certainly enjoyed that. Thanks, John Miller.