The Immigration Story of Yijing (Catherine) Cai (Chinese immigrant)

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Sharing my Stories of Immigrant

    I came to Canada when I was 17 year old by myself and started my Canadian experience in Vancouver, BC. With the help of my aunt, I settle in a homestay and get all the Canadian accounts that I needed. The large Chinese population in Vancouver didn't give me too much cultural shock, and I could always find things I love to eat or do int the city. The first year, I hung out with friends and done things I never done sometime I don't like just trying to fit in. Gradually, I find my kind of friends in the school and starting to enjoy hanging out with them. Finding back who I  am and doing what I like, helped me a lot in starting my Canadian experience. I started to volunteer in senior residence. The rewarding feeling of volunteering set me to the path of volunteering. Volunteering also helped me fit belongingness in a new environment when I moved to Wolfville, NS for school. In the small community with small Chinese population, volunteering in different organizations gave me sense of belongingness in the community. Especially when I was able to recognize people's faces while walking on the street. Might have been the independence in Canada and the kindness of the people, I foundmore opportunity for myself in Canada. Now I am styding to be a registered dietitian. I don't know if I will be moving in Canada permanently in the future, but Canada is always a special nation for me, a place I would call home.