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The Immigration story of Stuart Trenchard (British Immigrant)

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The Immigration Story of Stuart Trenchard, who arrived from England in 1979
I emigrated to Canada when my Father got transferred by Philips Electronics from Bristol England to Saskatoon.
I was five at the time and at the time we were all very sad to leave England and all of our relatives, but excited about the future. My parents sat all six of the children down and talked to us about the transfer and showed us pictures of the Rocky Mountains and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. When we landed, we spent a few days in a hotel in Toronto and then onto a motel on 8th Street in Saskatoon. We lived in the two motel rooms for two weeks until we got into our new house. Each day we went to a park, just off of 8th Street and ate our lunch and played.
We loved getting into our house. Seeing the mountains for the first time, is something I will never forget and spend as much as possible now going there.
Trying skating for the first time, was an adventure. We had never had a winter like our first, with snow and no rain.
A few years later, we moved to Morinville, Alberta when my Dad was transferred again to Edmonton. I was going into grade four and it was a big transition again for all of us. A few years later, when I turned 14, I applied at the local IGA. My sister worked at the store as a cashier and I wanted some spending money also. The Store Manager let me know that they were not looking for new team members at the time. I went back twice a week, until he hired me. Little did I know, that this was going to turn into a 30+ year career!
I worked in many different roles in my six and half years at the store. From courtesy clerk, meat clean up, produce clerk, grocery clerk to Store Supervisor. In my last year, I was tasked with lining and filling the new Garden Market IGA in Morinville in 1991. During my last two years at the Morinville store, I went to NAIT and took my Business Administration course.
I got to know Kevin Lynch (past General Manager at Sobeys) who resided in Morinville, through softball. He hired me as a Management trainee at Horne and Pitfield. After this course was completed I had many roles. I was a Produce Manager, Grocery Specialist, Solutions Manager, Store Manager and recently Director of Retail Projects.
In 2011, I came full circle, when I agreed to Franchise the Morinville Sobeys. Which fulfilled a dream I always held, to own that store and serve that community which had given me so much! I loved my time at that store serving the community and working with such a great team! In 2015, I made a hard decision to leave that location and purchased the St. Albert Sobeys Franchise. I am proudly still serving this community today.
Who would have known flying on a Wardair flight from London to Toronto, dreaming what this vast land would provide for me and my brother and sisters... We could have never written this script and dreamed of how much Canada would give to us all!!
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