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The Immigration Story of Robert Aiken (Scottish immigrant)

The Museum reviews and accepts donated personal or family memories and histories into its collection. As a learning institution, the accounts help us understand how individuals recollect, interpret, or construct meaning from lived experiences. The stories are not modified by Museum staff. The point of view expressed is that of the author and not that of the Museum.

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Robert Aiken
Arrival Date: December 20th 1947

Took the train to Montreal only stay a week then left to Toronto stay in Toronto for two weeks left for London got a job with a pla[?] for a couple of months. Then I got a job at General Steel Works learned how to build refrigerators and stayed there until I retired. I am 85 years old now and next year I will be 86. I am quite happy in my new land I had my wife [illeg] I married my second wife Isabel.

Robert Aiken arrived 20 Dec 1947 on board the Aquitania. My first wife Margaret gave birth to three girls one called Christine, Kathy and Danielle died of cancer a few years ago. Christine is married and has two boys named Shawn and Todd and girl name Amy. Kathy has two girl and is named K[illeg]…