The Immigration Story of Nadia Khedu (Guyanese Immigrant)

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My dad, his brother and sister immigrated shortly after my birth in 1992 in hopes of starting a better life
for our family in Toronto, Canada. It was difficult for my mom taking care of my older brother and I on
her own, but my dad ensured we were taken care of. He would work 12+ hours a day, save his money
and send it to my mom along with periodic visits to Guyana. I recall always being ecstatic when he would
come home baring the best treats from Canada. After 7 long years, we finally got our official documents
for myself, my brother and mom to immigrate to Canada and finally be united as a family! Of course I
was extremely sad to leave my family and friends behind, but the thought of a bigger and brighter future
was worth the move. I remember it like it was yesterday, on Saturday July 10, 1999 I said goodbye to my family and friends, boarded a flight to Toronto, Canada and arrived at Pearson Airport at 10pm. The
lights from the huge sky scrapers, the large amounts of people socializing, the beauty in the architecture
of the city amazed me. It did take some getting used to, but I knew at that point that the sky is the limit. I am a proud immigrant, Canadian and Sobeys employee who is excited to celebrate Canada's 150th and
Sobeys 110th. My hope is for everyone to embrace our history and continue to build on the work that
has been done for our future generations.