The Immigration Story of Cornelia Elkin (née Voogt) (Dutch Immigrant)

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My father’s name was Tommy Voogt. He was born in the Netherlands then, when he was small, his family moved to Curacau. When he was high school age his parents sent him to live with his grandparents in Rotterdam to continue his education.

The Second World War started so he spent the war years in the Netherlands where he met and married my mother Trijntje Cornelia.

After the war my father’s parents immigrated to Canada from Curacau. They bought the farm in Nova Scotia. In the spring of 1947 my parents joined them and my brother was born in Berwick, Nova Scotia.

My mother returned home when he was 6 months old and I was born about 8 months after that.

My father stayed in Canada eventually the family moved to Stoney Creek, I don't know what year they all became Canadian Citizens.

I was 17 when I arrived as an immigrant, my father, whom I had never met helped get me here. Two weeks later I became a Canadian citizen. When he had taken me to the immigration official a week earlier I could not pronounce the phrase"I pledge allegiance to her majesty the Queen. We went home and I practiced and practiced and to this day can say "Allegiance" perfectly. So I have been a Canadian citizen since January 1966.

I love Canada, and am extremely grateful to live in such a free and wonderful country.

Where we live, in North Western Ontario we see deer, foxes, geese, Sand hill cranes and all sorts of birds year long right out of our living room window.