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The Immigration Story of Anita Christine Allen (English immigrant) (Soft Restriction)

The Museum reviews and accepts donated personal or family memories and histories into its collection. As a learning institution, the accounts help us understand how individuals recollect, interpret, or construct meaning from lived experiences. The stories are not modified by Museum staff. The point of view expressed is that of the author and not that of the Museum.

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Regards sailing on the Aquitania ship arriving in Halifax Nova Scotia on Sept 18th 1947, I know this is the exact date as I have the old passport. I don't remember anything of that time, expect that I was traveling with my parents, Stanley & Ida Dent, my name was Anita Christine Dent. My Father bought an English Caravan, from Coventry Night Factory. I have a photo and will send it later. Seem to remember that we were greeted with a band when arriving, & think that the Caravan was on the deck during the voyage. Also had a car, but perhaps that was below deck. I was 17 that year.
We traveled only a short way to then have an accident, with a child running across the road in front of the car pulling the caravan, & it swung around to complete break the side, so we stayed in Nova Scotia for 6 months till the parts for the repair of the caravan came & repaired it all. This is in my memory.
Also when we arrived we were told that we could stay in the caravan in the near by park, which didn't normally allow it. Just can't remember anything more about that time.
Christine Allen