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Correspondence between Barrie J. Wallworth and Various People

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Letters from classmates in England to Barrie J Wallworth in Canada

Mt Dear Barrie,

How delighted I was to receive your most interesting letter thank you very much indeed for it.

We have missed you very much at school and often talk about you. By the way, I can't let you know Edwin Bancroft's address as he didn't leave it for me.

How well you have done at school Barrie, we were so pleased to hear of your success. How is the French progressing?

We did quite well with our scholarships this year. Although Malcolm passed for Hume Grammar School, he is taking the Audenshaw one. David Buxton got all three.

You will be pleased to know that our boys brought home the Silver Sports Cup for the Junior Boys' Championship. We are very proud of them. The girls did very well also, coming 3rd. I think that there were eight schools in all the competitions.

I am enclosing some letters for you, Barrie, that were written in school. I thought that you would like to hear from some of your old school friends.

Tomorrow I go to Criccieth for a month. I am quite looking forward to the change and rest.

How different you will find everything in Canada, Barrie, things will seem so much vaster than they were here, everything is on a so much bigger scale, isn't it? I enjoyed my visit to Canada, but was very glad to return to the Old Country.

I hope that your Mother and Father and Joyce are quite well. Please remember me very kindly to them.

My love and very best wishes for your continued success Barrie.

Yours affectionately

A.H. Clayton (teacher).

P.S. Miss Park (Headmistress) joins me in Good Wishes to all.

Dear Barrie:

Thank you for the letters and parcels of comics you have sent me. This photograph is of our class bought for you by Donald Wrigley, and I. Donald us second from the right on the bottom row. Third from the right, next to Donald is that handsome boy, Malcolm Cowden, although I admit it is not very good of me. Next but one to me is my second best friend, Michael Schofield. A few weeks ago Raymond McLoughlin (Clopper) had scarlet fever, but he is quite better now. Do you remember Tony Hughes, the boy in our grove, he has scarlet fever and he came home from hospital this morning. I had better write about something much more pleasant than scarlet fever. I enjoyed camping very much.

As usual, our school choir are singing in the festival, and we are going very well. Our school is competing in sports with other schools. I am practising the high jump. This afternoon I went to the baths with Michael Schofield and Gordon Spencer. I jumped in and went under the water for the first time. Tonight I went to the County to see "Storm in a tea cup ". Next Saturday I will be going to see "Mark of Zorro ".

We are having a puppet show at school. I am taking the part of the devil. Miss Clayton has altered the names of three of the characters. The devil is named Evil Heart. The giant, Thunder feet, and the witch, Plot a lot.

My mother and father and I send your family our love.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm. (Best friend)

P.S. The reason why this letter is coming late is, because I have been waiting for the photograph to send it with the letter. Malcolm.

Dear Barrie,

I hope you, your mother and father and Joyce are keeping in good health.

Our school have won the boys junior sports cup for Denton. Stewert Forbes, after a very gallant attempt, won the high jump. I am very glad to hear about passing for the High School. David Buxton, Michael Schofield, Gerald Holland, Geoffrey Ollerhead, Raymond Lee, Brian Johnson, David Mosley, Donald Wrigley, Arnold Gillings, Peter Quine and Malcolm Cowden have all passed for Audenshaw Grammar. I will be going to Audenshaw School. Joyce Jones, Sheila Farrar, Iris Corbet and Alma Hemmingway (a new girl) have passed for Fairfield High School. Pamela Rhyland has passed for Levenshume High School. Stewert Forbes, Davis Mosley, Sheila Farrar and Millicent Richardson passed for Ardwick Central.

Last week I saw the play "Just William ", and on Saturday I will see Laurel and Hardy in person. I am making sparklers with my chemistry set, so if you don't hear from me again, you'll know what has happened.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. I bet you look like Raymond Lee in your long trousers.

Dear Barrie:

The three Grammar School results are out, and I have passed for two, so have three other boys. Our boys won the junior boys cup and the girls came third. We have been having the Inter-house rounders matches. Barrie beat Milne 1– 0. Kipling beat Stevenson 1– 0. Barrie and Kiplings match has yet to be played. Mrs. Clayton has got better and has got a pair of new false teeth, and is exercising them very well. I am pleased to know that you have graduated for the high school. I used to take French when I was in Egypt, and I didn't like it. I must congratulate you on being the youngest boy to graduate at your school. I am writing this letter in the classroom and it is nearly play time, so I am ending here. Goodbye and all the best.

Yours faithfully,


P.S. This stamp is of King George the sixth.

Dear Barrie:

The Fairfield Scholarship has been won by three girls, Iris Corbett, Sheila Farrer and me. Pamela Ryland has passed for Levenshulme and a new girl, Alma Hemmingway. She took her scholarship in Hull and she passed. The school she has chosen is Fairfield like the rest of us. We played the Rounder matches last week, Barrie against Milne and Kipling against Stevenson. Barrie and Kipling won. When the finals were played it was a draw and when we played again and once more it was a draw. We shall have to play again but Peter Quine, Barrie's best runner and bowler is on holiday and Raymond Lee, another good runner is away ill. Miss Clayton read us your letter and I am glad to hear you have passed your scholarship. Brian Parks has moved but he still comes to play. Two boys and one girl live there now.

Yours sincerely,

Joyce Jones

Dear Barrie;

The number which has passed Audenshaw is 12 and I am one of them. I am extremely happy. Malcolm and myself are the only ones in Stamford house named after the Earl of Stamford. On July 8th we won the Junior Sports Cup of Denton. In the rounders match Barrie won Milne 1-0, and Kipling won Stevenson with the same score. Today Barrie and Kipling are playing each other for the second championship and I say, "May the best team win" . On my holidays I joined a Riding School, and I can now trot, canter and gallop. The last day of my holidays I had a disastrous event. Mr. Grant, the riding master had a horse called Tommy which was the cause of my downfall because he went and bit the horse. I was riding it, and it bucked, throwing me out of the saddle but luckily I fell in the heather. However, we finished our ride without any further mishaps, and I'm none the worse for my adventure. For the Fairfield exam only 3 passed, Iris Corbett, Sheila Farrer, and Joyce Jones.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Schofield.

Dear Barrie:

We have heard the Audenshaw results and the usual people have passed, Peter Quine, Brian J., Arnold J. and a few more. In cricket, I think England have run away with the tests. There are only 3 more days at West End and I go to Manchester Grammar on September the 8th. I think you are jolly lucky to have 10 weeks holiday, but I don't expect I should be any good at French. Miss Clayton has read your letter to us and says ours should be as nicely written as yours. I am hoping she doesn't read mine (if she can read it). I am on the Kipling rounder team and we have beaten Stevenson with extra time, and are playing Barrie in the final today.

Your old pal,


Dear Barrie:

I know you will be interested when I tell you that we went in for the sports and brought home the Junior Cup. I hope you will be able to find me a pen friend aged about 11. Here is my address, 14 Norfolk Ave., Denton, Manchester. Miss Clayton read your letter to us which was a very interesting one. I hope you are all well and enjoying yourself. I know you will enjoy yourself in the winter when the ground is covered with snow.


Valerie Nicholls

Dear Barrie:

I hope you and your parents are keeping in good health. Our school have won the junior boys cup for Denton. David Grundy on a very gallant attempt. He was elbowed of the gate twice, and was lost going under the telegraph pole about six inches off the ground, but when it came to the sacks, he passed every person in the race. It was the obstacle race. In the rounders match Milne lost one against Barrie, and Stevenson lost against Kipling. Now Barrie and Kipling are having a final.

Yours sincerely,

John Dyer.

Dear Barrie:

We are now in the middle of our cricket season. At the moment Gloucester are leading Middlesex second, and Lancashire, third. The rounders matches are being played now. Barrie beat Milne 1-0, and Kipling beat Stevenson 1-0. On one week, I will be leaving school. Lancashire have a grand captain. His name is Ken Cranston. South Africa are 2 tests down with 2 to play. I am writing mainly about sport. The boys won the sports cup.

Your friend,

Ray McLoughlin.

Dear Barrie:

I am in school as I sit writing this letter. On July 8th it was the schools sports day, and the boys brought home the Junior Boys Championship Cup for the first time in many years. On the occasion the girls wore navy-knickers and blouses, the boys wore black or navy football pants, and white shirts. I think we were the nicest and tidiest school there. At present we are having house matches. The teams are Milne and against Barrie and Kipling against Stevenson. Kipling got a rounder, and Barrie got a rounder so both teams are against each other for the final match. We have played two lots of matches and still neither one team or the other has got any rounders. I have nothing more to say except goodbye until I write again.

Yours truly,

Jacqueline Challinor.

Dear Barrie:

I am glad to know that you arrived in Canada all right. I have passed for a Central School, and I am glad to know you passed into High School. We had sports day and the boys won the cup for the school. I think the next match is today.

Yours sincerely,

Millicent Richardson

Dear Barrie:

I am glad to hear that you are happy with your new friends. Joyce Jones, Iris Corbett, and myself have passed Fairfield. Could you please send me an address of a girl aged ten or eleven for a pen pal. My address is: 11 Shirley Ave., Denton, Manchester. Miss Clayton read your letter, and I am very glad to hear that you have passed your scholarship. My auntie has got a baby. It is my only girl cousin out of 8 cousins. Today I think it's going to be warm. We break on Thursday. That is the day after tomorrow. We went in for the sports at Denton cricket ground and our boys won the cup. It is real silver. I hope you find my letter interesting.

Love, Sheila

Dear Barrie:

I am glad to know that you have passed for your high school. I was told that you would rather have England, than Canada. Miss Clayton just read the letter you sent us.

On July 8th the boys won the Junior Boys Cup at the sports at Egerton Park. We have rounders. Barrie and Milne plus Stevenson and Kipling. Barrie won Milne and Kipling won Stevenson. Will write soon.

Yours sincerely,

Francis Haslam

Dear Barrie:

I am glad to hear that you have passed your scholarship. I got to know this when Miss Clayton read your letter to the class. I am proud to say that I have passed a scholarship too. Malcolm told me that you had seen a cowboy. I know that if I saw one I would be thrilled to bits and expect you were. The rounders matches are being played for the final the two houses that are in the final are Kipling and Barrie. I am the Captain of Kipling, and I hope we win.

Yours sincerely,

Donald Wrigley.

Dear Barrie:

The school sports were held at Egerton Park, Denton C.C around on July the eighth at which our school won the Junior boys cup of solid silver. During the last week we have been having rounder matches in which Barrie played Milne and Stevenson played Kipling. Barrie and Kipling won their matches and now have to play each other in the final today. I am pleased to hear that you have graduated for the high school. I have passed for Audenshaw Grammar. David Buxton has passed for Manchester, Hume Grammar and Audenshaw Grammar and is going to Manchester Grammar.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Ollerhead.

Dear Barrie:

We have had school sports at Egerton Park and the boys have won the cup. We have had rounders matches at school. Kipling against Stevenson and Barrie against Milne. Barrie and Kipling have won so they are playing today. Miss Clayton read your letter to the class and I am very pleased to know that you have passed for a high school. I have passed for Levenshume High School. I went there on Saturday. There was a cricket match, the girls against fathers. Fathers won.

Yours sincerely,

Pamela Ryland.

Dear Barrie:

Last July 8th we won the sports cup at Egerton Park. David Buxton has past the scholarship. M.Schofield and a lot of others did to. Last Friday a rounders match was played between Barrie and Kipling. At the end it was a draw. All the school had to watch and it was fun.

Yours truly,

A. Burton

Dear Barrie:

I hope you are all right. I am all right. I have plenty to tell you. On July 8th, we went to Denton Cricket ground to the sports. West End won. I went up to get it and felt shaky all over. It started raining so I put the cup in Miss Parks bag. The cup is now in school. I have past my scholarship to Ardwick Central but am hoping to pass for Bernage next year.

Love, Stuart

Dear Barrie:

I hope you are having a good time. July 8th West End won the junior sports cup at Egerton Park. I wish I was there with you. On Friday, Barrie played Kipling at rounders and the score was none all. There were 15 scholarships.

Yours truly,

Derek Cooper

Dear Barrie:

Our school won the sports cup on July 8th at Egerton Park. We have been having rounders matches. Kipling won 1 and Stevenson 0. Barrie won 1 against Milne and last Friday, Kipling played Barrie twice and it was a draw. Kipling are playing Barrie today.

Miss Clayton has got a pair of false teeth and is doing very well with them. I and all the class are very glad you have graduated and quite a few people in our class have passed. David Buxton has passed for all three scholarships.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Taylor

Dear Barrie:

It has been a long time since we saw you too long in fact. I believe that Canada is a beautiful country especially where you are. We have had some exciting events. The boys won the junior sports cup and the surprising scholarships. The weather has been poor so we had to postpone many of our rounder matches. Milne played Barrie with Barrie winning 1-0. Stevenson played Kipling winning 1-0. The replay is today. On this letter is an English stamp. I hope you haven't forgotten what it looks like.

Yours truly,


Dear Barrie:

I have got in for Audenshaw Grammar School and I went for my uniform on Wednesday. I came in second in the long jump at the sports and so got two points towards the cup. We are having rounders matches. Barrie beat Milne and Kipling beat Stevenson. Kipling and Barrie are playing again this afternoon. I am at first post in Kipling.

Your best pal,

David Mosley

Dear Barrie:

On July 8th it was all Denton schools sports gala, all the girls wore navy knickers and the boys wore navy or grey trousers. Our boys came home with the silver junior cup. Miss Clayton read us your letter which you wrote. We have only five weeks of holidays, and Denton Central School have 3 days off seven weeks. We had the rounders match last week. I will write soon.

Yours truly,

Glenys Duffy

Dear Barrie:

Thank you for the comics which I enjoyed reading. I will be sending you some comics in a few days. How do you like Canada? Ten of our 13 boys out of our class passed the first part of Hume Grammar School scholarships. They were David Buxton, Raymond McLoughlin, Raymond Lee, Gerald Holland, Keith Godwin, Gordon Jones, Brian Johnson, David Mosely, Michael Schofield, and Malcolm Cowden. David Buxton won a free place for the whole of Hume Grammar School Raymond McLoughlin passed for fee paying for Hume. I will be spending the next five years at Hume too.

Three out of about fifteen boys passed for the first part of Manchester Grammar School. The results are not out yet. It was very hard. My mind went blank in the arithmetic. The results are not out for Audenshaw yet. Edwin Bancroft is in Canada also.

Miss Clayton has been poorly, but she is better now. I am going to the County tonight to see "Send for Paul Temple ". We are going to Dunfries in Scotland for our holidays where Robert Burns died. I am going with our Cubs camping to Clitheroe. Send my love to your mother, father and Joyce. My mother sends her regards to your mother. My mother, father, Miss Clayton and all the rest of the class plus me send our love. I learned your address from Mrs. Pollard. I would like to hear from you. Here are two of my lastest poems:


Oh, when you wake up in the morn, aren't you glad that you were born?

Off with your night cap, the world is so mighty,

Off with your bedsocks, off with your nightie.

Slide down the banister, be full of glee,

Eat your breakfast, lunch and then tea,

When it is nearly getting dark, in your bed you then will park.


The war began between the Roses, the reds went down quick and fast,

The whites went down in many, and the trumpets sent out a blast,

The fight went on between these sides, but alack, both sides drew,

Left on the field were many dead men, and left to live were thousands ten.

Your friend for always,

Malcolm Cowden