A Short Story of the Montreal Overseas War Bride Club

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We started out as the Acorn Club in 1946 by three First World War to make us feel at home, it was great. We met anywhere we could. After 15 years our families needed us around so we broke up but kept in touch. There are about 10 of us originals left but we still keep in touch. 

In 1982 our children, grown and gone, Murial Cassum, Kath Roy, Olive Rochefort started the club again. Now we are called M.W.B.C. We have had close to 60 members but now with passing and moving there are only about 25-30. But five of us are the original Acorn Club girls.

We meet 1 Monday a month in the St. James United Church in Montreal. We collect food for the drop in centre and donate clothes, socks and such. A number of us volunteer at St. Anne's Vets Hospital. Also for the 50th anniversary of the end of the war we made 1000 sandwiches for the folks on [unclear parade?] the Electricity to the Sally Ann booth broke down so here we were with regular [unclear] making teas to offer on a constant basis until the Sally Ann decided to bring their urns to us and left. We had a great time, it was a bitter cold day sp the old Brit tea was in great demand. 

At the time some of us were in the movie called "Turning of the Tide - Ending and Beginning and The Liberators." This was a great honour for us, as it was seen all over this great country. Dinah Donegley and I, Joan Watson, have done interviews for CBC Radio and CTAD, always around Armistice. We have both taken part in November 11th parades up until we really could not do the march. We raise money for the Vets home in St. Anne's as well. One lady, Milly Boileau, has sent out get well sympathy cards all these years and Peggy Marshall sends out birthday cards.

The Welsh Choir entertains us at Christmas as they like our sausage rolls. One of the husbands, Paul Dumaine is our regular Santa. Over the years we have all taken part in plays and things for the fun of it. Parades at Easter, wearing of the green for St. Patrick's and so on. Our Dutch girls also entertained us with their special things. We have had a friendship that will never break and a lot of good husbands and great children to support and help us in all our endeavours.

We are very proud to be members of The Montreal Overseas War Bride Club.